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Pourquoi choisir Estetik International?


Estetik International Clinic, qui a plus de 20 ans d'expérience dans l'expertise est la base esthétique du monde, pas seulement de la Turquie.


Il sert l'esthétique avec une approche multidisciplinaire avec toutes sortes d'applications d'esthétique médicale, département de diététique, greffe de cheveux, traitements de cellules souches aussi.


Grâce à nos relations avec les institutions médicales les plus prestigieuses de différents pays, il investit en permanence dans la formation et le développement de tous les médecins, infirmières et autres employés.


Il fonctionne avec un système qui offre un maximum de confort à ses visiteurs et employés en utilisant son service clinique intelligent.


Le département du patient international offre une expérience unique au patient étranger et sert 24 heures par jour, avec une équipe formée et expérimentée dans tous les domaines médicaux, de voyage et d'hébergement.

Certifications de Qualité

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)
National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)

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Parmi nos docteurs

Medine Kantürk MD

Medine Kantürk MD

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Prof. Dr. Barış Nuhoğlu

Prof. Dr. Barış Nuhoğlu

Spécialitées: Esthétique
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Dyt. Olcay Merve Altay

Dyt. Olcay Merve Altay

Spécialitées: Esthétique
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Dr. Emine Özcan

Dr. Emine Özcan

Spécialitées: Esthétique
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Dt.Murat Erdoğmuş

Dt.Murat Erdoğmuş

Spécialitées: Soins Dentaires
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Dt. Melike Kasap

Dt. Melike Kasap

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Dr. Murat Çimencan

Dr. Murat Çimencan

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Dr B

Dr B

Bülent Cihantimur was born in 1970, Kars. He graduated from Istanbul University Çapa Medical School. He’s been Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Attending by specializing in Aesthetics

Plastic Surgery Residency at Uludağ University Medical School. After he worked at St. Lawrence Hospital in England for a while, he has founded Estetik International in 1999.

There are eight techniques developed by Cihantimur.

1. Non-operative treatment of Trigger finger
2. Cihantimur Fat Transfer System
3. Prominent Ear Aesthetics by Rope
4. Spider Web Aesthetics
5. Genital Beautification
6. Simple Nose Aesthetics
7. Organic Hair Transplantation
8. Leg Beautification

Non-operative Treatment of Trigger Finger

This disease that leads to tripping in hand fingers and pain, by the technique developed Dr.Cihantimur can be treated with a needle non-operatively in 5 minutes. This technique was presented in international Congress, published as an article and shown as reference in many

Cihantimur Fat Transfer

Cihantimur Fat Transfer system taken in part in literature and called with the last name of Bülent Cihantimur MD. is applied with a closed lipoid technique. Long-lasting, safe and most natural fat transfer are performed in body areas where fat tissue decreases volumetrically. In
Cihantimur Fat Transfer System, the fat removed from body is transferred into other region of body by the specialized device without getting out. Therefore, fat cells are never exposed to air, many tools and they cannot wait outside of the body for a long time.

Prominent Ear Aesthetics by Rope

Prominent ear aesthetics by the rope is an extremely practical application that defective ear angle is fixed by using only medical ropes without having incision and cartilage slenderizing. Because of the shortness to return social life and recovery, it provides maximum comfort for those who have prominent ear problem.

"Innovative, contemporary, developer of 8 important techniques with many advantages that applied with the most naive touch to the individual's body, which took part in the world of medical literature"

Spider Web Aesthetics

Spider Web Aesthetics is a non-operative rejuvenation operation that helps you prevent aging signs. Spider Web Aesthetics which name and patent right belong to Dr. Cihantimur is applied on every skin area, it does not affect social life, and it refreshes the skin day by day. At the end of placing the rope determined depending on the rate of skin aging under the skin like the spider web, it is a treatment type that helps body reproduce collagen and elastin. It can be applied on face area, buttocks, leg and internal parts of arms in particular and also genital area.

Genital Beautification

It is an operation that solves postpartum hormonal causes, vaginal abrasion developed depending on gravity, urinary incontinence and sexual dissatisfaction of women. In 2014, Bülent Cihantimur MD. has been rewarded Golden Bistoury with this technique.

Simple Nose Aesthetics

It is a technique that has no plaster and buffer and recovery is extremely short to remove the end of nose. Those who do not want radical change in their nose and are afraid of possible risks of classic nose surgeries can have this operation.

Organic Hair Transplantation

It is a hair transplantation technique performed with injection that is enriched with stem cells from patient’s own fat without using chemicals. When this injection is injected into the area with no hair, great success is achieved in wound recovery, adhesion of follicle that is trans- planted, hair loss and animation of hair. This technique that is first applied in Turkey and World, is developed by Bülent Cihantimur MD. in labs of Estetik International.

Leg Beautification

It is an operation that can be performed in those who have leg deformity aesthetically or have problem in fat rate. Surplus fat lyposucked and shapes by transferring into the one that needs it. Disproportion between lower or upper leg can be solved with this operation.

His awards

In 2014, he was ed “Medical Man of the Year “and was rewarded “Golden Bistoury” given to the persons who made extraordinary contributions to aesthetics surgery in worldwide organization and also has been ed into “The Best 50 Plastic Surgeons” of World. Lastly, “Excellence Awards” has been given to him by Tatweei Academy that is seen between the most distinguished organizations of Middle East in 2017.

“Estetik International, which was established in 1999 has the characteristic of being the most respectful facility of Turkey.”

Estetik International

He has still worked as the coordinator of Estetik International Health Group that was opened first in Bursa and has departments in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara today. Estetik International, with almost 200 staff has provided service in 8 different clinics including Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. This Health Group that has put signature on great business about health tourism in particular has provided economic value for our Country via its Professional in International Patient Unit and health tourists. Estetik International that provides patient satisfaction and different access for foreign patients with partners program has also representation offices in Dubai, Sweden, England.

“Applied courses, trainings and certification programs that develop to be an international education home.”

Academy, course, certificate

“International Aesthetics Surgery Training Center” that is put into practice under the leadership of Cihantimur is a center founded to encourage information and skill Exchange for aesthetic, plastic surgery attendings, assistants and those who still study in medical school. The purpose here is to learn modern surgical techniques and provide programs that their hand skill developed and foresighted and can see and look in an artistic perspective. In addition to this, Spider Web Aesthetics enable colleagues of Cihantimur to provide course and certificate opportunity about Cihantimur Fat Transfer.

“DoctorB Clinic, which was established in 2006 has provided VIP service with nish project”

DoctorB Clinic

DoctorB Clinic opened in Zorlu Teraseveler, 2016 is a beauty-aesthetics center that has provided “value” with experiences about aesthetics surgery and medical applications by keeping human health at the forefront by the high standard and effective applications of DoctorB, it is a nish facility. It has provided high-class VIP service like easy transportation in the most popular mall, closeness to workplace and meeting areas, working with appointment, parking and vale service. This nish center that has provided service with the leadership of Cihantimur is one of the exceptional beauty centers of Turkey.

“Special products developed and formulized by an aesthetics surgeon”


Doctor B Active Cosmetics: Dr. Cihantimur, by Doctor B brand, is working to help make feel people younger, help them live happier and healthier and most importantly reveal their potential by transferring innovative and visional perspective into active cosmetic products in his job he calls beauty protector.

Today, DoctorB Active Cosmetics opened as e-trade website are also sold in the most distinguished points and pharmacies in Turkey.

“He often uses the written platforms to make people conscious and solve questions asked about aesthetics surgery”

Book, Journal, Newspaper

Cihantimur, who has signed many scientific studies in his field in the country and abroad has tried to make people conscious and give information about aesthetics surgery with his articles and column published in the written press. He has a book called “Reject Aging” that he has told readers how to protect beauty. In addition, he issues a magazine called “Aesthetic International Magazine” with his team per 6
months. Some articles (english) of Dr. Cihantimur

Writings at IMCAS

Imcas/Genital Beautification
Imcas/Spider Web Aesthetic

Writings at Estehticon

Estehticon/Organic Hair Transplant
Estehticon/Spider Web Aesthetic
Estehticon/Tummy Tuck

Patient Guarantee

Your surgeon is covered by the ISAPS Insurance. This is additional cover for remedial treatment that may be necessary
irgery. It covers the most common conditions that require revision surgery. In the unlikely event that your surgeon (or an approved surgeon in your country of residence, if you travelled abroad for your surgery) diagnoses you with one of these conditions, then the surgeon's insurance will cover the costs and charges (up to a limit agreed with our insurers) for the corrective or remedial treatment by your surgeon or an approved IS APS surgeon in your country of residence.

This guarantee is valid for two years from the date of your surgery (excluding the first 28 days). Your surgeon has only been accepted for this insurance because they are a member of IS APS. IS APS have strict requirements for membership to ensure
their surgeons have the highest standards of training and experience.

Visit to see your surgeon's entry in their directory. If you have further questions about this insurance, please contact the ISAPS Insurance patient helpline on +44 (0)207374 4022. Or email team@is

Spécialitées: Esthétique
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Prof. Dr. Cenk Şen

Prof. Dr. Cenk Şen

Known for his scientific work in re-constructive surgery, Estetik International surgeon Prof. Cenk Şen excels in the special field of revision rhinoplasty to a degree that played a great role in gaining his recognition. Prof. Şen is also a pioneer in lipodem,oral and neck surgery.


  • Rhinoplasty
  • Breast Reduction
  • Revision Rhinoplasty
  • Breast Lift
  • Revision Breast Aesthetics
  • Prominent Ear

Spécialitées: Esthétique
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Selçuk Aytaç MD

Selçuk Aytaç MD

A graduate of Ankara University Medical Faculty, Board-certified surgeon Dr. Selçuk Aytaç completed his plastic surgery training at Uludağ University medical faculty.


  • PostBariatric
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Spider Web Technique
  • Lipomatic and Liposculpture
  • Brazilian Butt Lift
  • Breast Augmentation
  • Arm Lift
  • Eye Lid Surgery

Personal Information

Name / Surname : Selçuk Aytaç
Nationality : Turkish
Birth Day : 24.09.1973

Education Status

2010 - 2012..................Eskişehir Osmangazi University Anatomy (Doctorate)
1999 - 2005..................Uludag University Medical Faculty Plastic Reconstructive and
Aesthetic surgery specialty training
1992 - 1999................Ankara University Medical Faculty
1984 - 1991................TED Ankara College

Spoken languages

English / Turkish
Scientific / Professional Organizations
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Association 2006
2008 Turkish Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Association 2008
2009 Turkish Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery Association 2009

Master thesis

-Oxidation to the formation of adhesions and scar tissue after peripheral nerve surgery
-Effect of combination regenerated cellulose and oxidized regenerated cellulose-heparin

Experience abroad

''Aesthetic surgery of the face-principles and pitfalls in aesthetic facial surgery''
Human cadaver dissection course. May 2007
University of Emory Healthcare Plastic and reconstructive surgery. Breast Reconstruction course. Aug 2001
Areas of interest
Maxillofacial surgery
Aesthetic surgery
Reconstructive surgery

Attended courses

1. Flap dissection course
(Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine-STE) 2002
2. Maxillofacial surgery and distraction course
(Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine-STE) 2003
3. Experimental animal use and care certification course
(Uludag University laboratory animal breeding and research center) 2004
4. Basic principles and artificial organs in cell culture technology
(Ege University Faculty of (Engineering) 2004


SCI, SSCI, AHCI published technical journal, editorial letter, discussion, case presentation and
abstract type publications

1. Reconstruction of sphincteric function after dysfunctional total lower lip reconstruction using free muscle graft technique. J Craniofac Surg. 2007 Jan;18(1):203-7 Writers: Ozbek S, Aytac S, Karlı N.
2. Diced cartilage grafts in cosmetic surgery. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2006 Feb;117(2):678-80 Writers: Ozbek S, Ozcan M, Uysal A, Aytac S.
3. Skin necrosis caused by prilocaine: A case report Wounds. 2005;17(3):58-61 Writers: Aytac S, Etoz A, Akın S.
4. A giant pyogenic granuloma. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2005 Sep 15; 116(4):1179 Writers: Aytac S, Ozbek S.
5. Titanium mesh fracture in mandibular reconstruction. J Craniofac Surg. 2005 Nov;16(6):1120-2.Writers: Aytac S, Ozbek S, Kahveci R, Ozgenel Y, Akın S, Ozcan M.
6. Using the sac membrane to close the flap donor site in large meningomyeloceles. Br J Plast Surg. 2004 Apr;57(3):273-7 Writers: Bozkurt C, Akın S, Dogan S, Aytac S, Aksoy K.

Technical notes, editorial letters, discussions, case reports and abstracts published in nationally-respected journals

1. Burn epidemiology in children in the Southern Marmara Region Uludag University Medical Faculty Magazine. 2004 30(3): 145-49 Writers: Aytac S, Ozgenel Y, Akın S, Kahveci R, Ozcan M.


Presented at scientific meetings such as international congresses, symposiums, panels, presentations, posters or demonstrations published as summary text in the program
1. Treatment of recurrent dislocation of mandible, 2005, Vienna, Austria R. Kahveci, S. Aytac, S. Akın, Y. Ozgenel, S. Ozbek Presented as a full text at the scientific conferences such as national congress, symposium, panel:
R. Kahveci, S. Aytaç, S. Akın, Y. Ozgenel, S. Ozbek Presented as summary text in the program by being presented at scientific conferences such as national congress, symposium, panel
1. Use of vacuum treatment with a new stent method of vaginal agenesis (Poster), 2005, Konya
M. Ozcan, S. Aytac

Spécialitées: Esthétique
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Dr. Jale Özdemir

Dr. Jale Özdemir

Assistant Professor Dr. JALE ÖZDEMİR

Birth Place: Bakırköy/İSTANBUL
Date of Birth: 10.04.1977
Marital Situation: Married with one child


1995-1996: İstanbul University V Faculty
1996-2003: Kocaeli University Medical Faculty
2006-2013: Kocaeli University Medical Faculty; Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
2015-2017: Yeni Yüzyıl University Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital Ass. Prof. Dr. Jale Özdemir


Comparison of triangular flap techniques in microsurgical anastomosis with diameter


2013 June-2013 September: Kocaeli University Medical Faculty; Plastic, Reconsructive and
Aesthetic Surgery Department Expert Doctor
2013 October-2015 October: Tunceli Government Hospital Expert Doctor
2015 October- 2015 December : Yeni Yüzyıl University Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital Ass. Prof. Dr.


A1-Febuary2009: Burns Course and Workshop (GATA)
A2-April 2009: 4. Basic Microsurgery course and Reconstructive Microsurgey Association
A3-May 2009: 4. Maxillofacial course and workshop (GATA)
A4-October 2009: Nasal endoscopy and functional nasal surgery course (31. Turkish Plastic,
and Reconsructive National Congress Ulusal)
A5-October 2009: Peripheral nerve and microvascular surgery course. (31. Turkish Plastic, and
Reconsructive National Congress Ulusal)
A6-May 2010: 3. Rinoplasty Course (Dokuz Eylül University)
A7-June 2010: Current diagnosis and treatment in skin cansers (Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa
Medical Faculty)
A8-October 2010: Certificate in the usage of experemental animals(Kocaeli University)
A9-January 2010: Basic Hand Surgery Course-1 (Turkish Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery
A10-April 2011: 4. Plastic Surgery School (TPRECD Çeşme)
A11-November 2012: Certificate of Proficiency(TPRECD İzmir)
A12-May 2016:TPRECD 2. Facial aestethic didactic course (Ankara)
A13-May 2016: TPRECD 2. Facial aestethic cadaver course (Ankara)
A14- October 2016: Qualification certificate (Ankara)


B1-November 2007: 3. National Reconstructive and Microsurgery Congress Mikrocerrahi
B2-October 2009: 31. Turkish Plastic and Reconstructive National Congress(Adana)
B3-December 2009: Winter Meetings (İstanbul Üniversity, Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty)
B4-November 2010: Current approaches to Breast Surgery and Aesthetic (Acıbadem
B5-May 2011: Plastik Surgery Special Joint Meeting (Co-sponsored by Mayo Clinic, Selçuk
B6- March 2016: Cardiopulmonary resusutation (İstanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University Gaziosmanpaşa


C1-Usage of the paraspinal flap in the treatment ofAxillary hydradenitis supurativan
C2-Radiotherapy induces head and neck sarcomas
C3- Easy way to make post oprative drawings permanent
C4-Year 1 evaluation in the approach of palate and lip palate
C5-Repair od tissue expander due to necrosis after percutaneous flap of lateral intercostal
C6-Immediate breast reconstruction.
C7-Hand injuries that have accoured in sporting public places


D1-Superior and inferior gluteal artery perforator flaps in reconstruction of gluteal and
perianal/ perineal hidradenitis suppurativa lesions (Microsurgery 2011 Oct;31(7):539-44)
D2-Clinical application of distal unlar artery perforator flap in hand trauma (J.
Reconstr.Microsurgery 2011 Nov;27(9):559-65)
D3-Use of inferior gluteal artery and posterior thigh perforators in management of ischial
pressuresores with limited donor sites for flap coverage (Ann. Plast. Surg. 2012 Jul;69(1):67-


E1- An easy way to obtain permanent post op drawings (Turkish Plastic and Reconsructive
Aesthetic Surgery Magazine Volume 16/Edition 2 )
E2-Immediate breast reconstruction in giant filloides tumors(Breast Health Magazine
Volume: 5/Edition :3
E3- Necrotizing Facade (Turkey Clinics Plastic Surgery Special Magazine 2017 series 6 number 1)

Spécialitées: Esthétique
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Rıza Kantürk MD

Rıza Kantürk MD

Spécialitées: Esthétique
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Dr. Özgür Ağlamış

Dr. Özgür Ağlamış

Work experience

2018-PresentTekirdag Cerkezkoy City Hospital Obs&Gyn
2011-2012 Mersin Public Hospital Emergency Unit


Genital Rejuvenation

• Labiaplasty
• Vaginoplasty
• Perineoplasty
• Hymenoplasty
• Clitoral Hood Reduction
• Laser Vaginal Whitening
• Laser Vaginal Tightening
• G shot
• O shot
• Vaginal PRP Rejuvenation

Sexual therapy

• Vaginismus

Gynecological Surgery

• Laparoscopic Surgery
• Hysteroscopic Surgery


2013-2018 Ankara Zekai Tahir Burak Women's Health Training and Research Hospital,Gynecology and Obstetrics, Residence education.
2005-2011 Gazi University School of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine.


2020 Using Hyaluronic Acid In Functional Aesthetic Gynecology For Regeneration and Volumising with Armonia
2019 Pinky Intimate Whitening Advanced Application Techniques Certificate
2018 2.International Cosmetology and Cosmetic Gynecology Congress Certificate of Attendance
2018 2.International Cosmetology and Cosmetic Gynecology Congress Workshop for Laser Use in Gynecology Certificate
2017 Medicres Good Medical Researcher Online Program based on Good Biostatistical Practice - Planning Analyzing Reporting Certificate
2017 Sexual Health Institute Association Sexual Therapy Training Participation Certificate
2017 Minimally Invasive Gynecological Oncology Society and Minimally Invasive Gynecological Society Gynecological Laparoscopic Surgery Certificate
2017 Minimally Invasive Gynecological Oncology Society and Minimally Invasive Gynecological Society Gynecological Hysteroscopic Surgery Certificate

Academic Publications

2019 International Journal of Hematology and Oncology ''Oncological Outcomes of Stage 3A Endometrioid Type Endometrial Cancer : A Multicenter Study ''
2018 Journal of Clinical Obstetrics & Gynecology '' Comprasion of transperineal ultrasonography and vaginal examination for discomfort in labor follow-up''
2018 Journal of Gynecology-Obstetrics and Neonatology Head-symphysis distance, head progression distance and hood succadenum size in predicting delivery type
2017 Pamukkale Medical Journal ''Analysis of patients operated for  adnexal mass in adelocane age group: single center experience of 104 patients

Oral Presentations

2019 International Hippocrates Congress on Medical & Health Sciences ''Effect of vitamin D supplementation on postpartum depression''
2019 International Hippocrates Congress on Medical & Health Sciences ''The effects of the using mobile phone in pregnancy on perinatal outcomes''


2019 2.International Cosmetology and Cosmetic Gynecology Congress
2019 International Hippocrates Congress on Medical & Health Sciences
2017 Minimally Invasive Gynecological Oncology Society and Minimally Invasive Gynecological Society Congress
2016 11th Turkish German Gynecology Congress
2015 13th National Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics
2015 12.Zekai Tahir Burak Gynecology and Obstetrics Congress
2014 TSRM 6th National Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Congress


2019 ESCORG(European Society of Cosmetic and Reconstructive Gynecology )
2018 Turkey Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology
2017 Turkey Sexual Health Institute Association


Speech C1
Writing C1
Reading C1

Spécialitées: Esthétique
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Dr. Gina Moret

Dr. Gina Moret

Personal Information 

Date of birth 01/10/1982 
Place of birth Teofilo Otoni, Brazil 
Marital status Married 


Estetik İnternational , Doctor B clinic nov 2016 - current work                                

Acibadem Maslak   plastic surgery assistant

Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia 

march, 2009 - feb, 2010 
Occupational health physician 
Semeg Saude 
aug, 2008 - feb, 2009 
Primary care physician and General physician 
Centro de Queimados do Andarai aug, 2006 – feb, 2007 
Primary care physician on the burn unit emergency service 
Hospital da Plastica         intern physician                                                 march, 2007 – may, 2007 


Centro Educacional Serra dos Orgaos - UNIFESO                                 
graduation - jun 2008 
Medical degree ( YÖK equivalency 02/06/2015) 
Colegio Ph 
graduation - dec, 2000 
High school (MEB equivalency 07/02/2012) 



Medikal Estetik                                                                                                         jun - 2015 
Botox, Dermal dolgu, PRP, Mezoterapi, Skleroterapi  
Derma roller teorik ve pratik uygulama                                                                    jun – 2015 
Active HIPL teorik ve pratik uygulama                                                                     jun - 2015 
Elektro kozmetik cihazları teorik ve pratik uygulama                                               jun - 2015 
Cilt bakımı teorik ve pratik uygulama                                                                       jun - 2015 
Medikal Estetik Derneğ i, katılım belgesi, Yüz mühendisliğ ine PDO ile yaklaş ım     jun – 2015 
Allergan Medichal aesthetics academy, facial aesthetics programme                        may - 2010 
Acibadem, kalıtım belgesi, Meme Estetiğ inde güncel yaklaş ımlar                           nov – 2010 
Auricular acupuncture                                                                                                 may - 2009 
Lancashire Ambulance service - Trauma                                                                    jul - 2006 
Lancashire Ambulance service- clinical emergencies                                                 jul - 2006 
MD codes Unlocking the codes of advanced clinical cases                                        jun- 2017
AMİ Essencials Applied Anatomy Workshop (caadaver course).                               may - 2018


Turkish fluent 
English fluent 
Portuguese fluent (mother language)
Spanish work sufficiency 
Italian communication sufficiency 

Spécialitées: Esthétique
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Çağatay Güngörsün MD

Çağatay Güngörsün MD

A graduate of Ataturk University Medical Faculty, Dr. Çağatay Güngörsün specializes in medical aesthetic applications such as fillers, botox and non-surgical aesthetic procedures.


  • Hair Transplant
  • Spider Web Technique
  • Botox
  • Non Surgical Operation

Spécialitées: Esthétique
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Abaissement de la Ligne de Cheveux
Abdominoplastie (Tummy Tuck)
Allongement de la couronne


  • Fleuriste
  • Hébergement des familles
  • Requêtes alimentaires acceptées
  • Réservation d'hôtel
  • Café
  • Chambres privées disponibles
  • Téléphone dans la chambre
  • Transfert aéroport
  • Consultation médicale en ligne
  • Télévision dans la chambre
  • Wifi gratuit
  • Coordination d'assurance santé
  • Presse internationale
  • Services d'interprète
  • Laverie & Pressing
  • Parking disponible
  • Pharmacie
  • Restaurant
  • Espace fumeurs
  • Réservation de transport
  • Visites touristiques
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